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Hello friends i have jumped from wordpress to ampli5.org so u can see me in ampli5. keep in tough guys.Nowadays i update the blog daily so ur comments r welcome. The link is



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I am planning to join a course in networking. In sans bond institution its near kodambakkam Railway station. At present I am working in a company .If i do this course means I have to write Cisco certified network associate. I don’t know how much it will help me in future. I am in confusion. what to do? Good suggestions are welcome.

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Chennai Airport

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The Chennai Airport is always large gathering of people.Many times i used go there to pickup r drop the close onces.I saw that place is always crowd.Its looks like a beach .See How chennai have developed.

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Blood Transfusion.

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Blood Transfusion gives AIDS to 5 kids.

  • Mitesh is just 12 and he has to undergo at least 20 blood transfusions in a year .He suffers from thalassemia.That is not his only misfortune,he now has AIDS.
  • His HIV positive status is linked to his ‘life-saving’ blood transfusions.Mitesh is not the only one, at least five cases of thalassemia and AIDS amongst children have been detected in Ahmedabad alone of them one has died.
  • Mitech was just was six months old when doctors told his father that he suffered from thalassemia. His father runs a small hosiery unit. Mitech is his only son and thenews came as abolt from the blue.The father started a long gruelling fight to save his son.
  • Since thalassemia has no cure, blood transfusion is the only solution.Every 24 days he has to be given fresh blood. when he was four year old the doctor the second bad news-Mitech is now HIV positive. Mitech now has two sets of medicines.
  • Mitech is good in academics. But ,the moment his HIV positive status was known, his teacher ashed him to leave the class. The teacher said that his presence would drive away students.Mitech does not know what thalassmia or HIV is, But he is quite hurt and bewildered that his teacher refuses to teach him.

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Pay Bribe…

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Poor Forced to pay bribe to get kids into school

  • Even India’s poorest are being forced to pay bribes to ensure their children go to school.
  • A Transparency International India-CMS survey, That looked at corruption in India’s school education sector, specially focusing on BPL households in rural India, shows shocking conclusions.
  • Around seven lakh BPL households in India paid bride in the last one year to avail services related to school education of their children.
  • The total amount paid as bribe being estimated to be around Rs12 crore another nine lakh BPL households used contacts to get their child admitted or promoted in school.However another five lakh BPL households weren’t that lucky their children couldn’t avail such service because they were either too poor to pay bribe or had absolutely no contact or influence to use as an advantage.

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Kids Donate RE 1 a Month For Fire Tragedy Survivors

children are more than willing to share the grief of others,if they are allowed to do so.About 3,00 students of a private school in Tiruchi have proved this by a touching gesture. For the past four years they have been donating a rupee each month to educate three kids who survived the fire tragedy at an elementary school in Kumbakonam.

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Now bananas in noon meal……

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Children Not Eating Eggs To Be Served Fruit Thrice A Week.

  • Children not touching egg served to them thrice a week as part of their noon meal at school,because they come from pure vegetarian families,will have an alternative: The bananas.
  • About 90,000 such children will get a banana thrice a week along with their nutritions mid-day meal served at government expense in the state.
  • Launching the scheme at a corporation high school in Thousand Lights,a part of the birth anniversary celebration of K.Kamaraj, chief minister M.Karunanidhi said that for two years, the children had refused to take the free eggs supplied by the government had decided on an alternative.
  • Karunanidhi had kept his election promise of serving two eggs a week, and later raised it ti three eggs a week in2007.

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‘Helmet rule needs to be imposed very strictly’

The tragic news about the death of Shalin Magia and Vageesan while driving two wheelers without wearing helmet and the comment of the police officers saying that enforcement of the rule is not possible should spell waring to other two wheeler drivers driving without wearing helmets .The Accident Victims Association had obtained orders in 1999 at Madras High Court against the state of Tamil Nadu

and DGP of the police directing all two wheelers drivers to wear helmets compulsorily while driving.Unfortunately the traffic police is not enforcing the order strictly in view of the Chief minister’s statement asking the police not to harass the offenders .Everyday we see reports of death to two-wheelers drivers flouting the helmet rule.it is so easy for the traffic police to apprehend these violators .I hope they do something about it.

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There is No Diesel in the fuel Bunks.Petrol stocks are running out Too.If the shortage Continues for Another day,The whole of chennai will have No option but to switch to public transport.

MTC says it has enough diesel to run its Buses.The MTC has around 3,100 buses in its fold and its requirement of diesel is over 2lakh litres a day.It is learnt that the MTC does not face any problem as of now since it is getting adequate fuel supply for all its depots.

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Dad receives dead son’s gold medals…..

July 1, 2008 at 12:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Kailasam father of Kulandaivel who died in a road accident a month ago,receives the gold medals on behalf of his son from governor. The Kulandaivel is a veterinary student in chennai university.

His father unable to smile in the stage his eyes are filled with tears.

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