Pay Bribe…

July 16, 2008 at 10:56 am (Uncategorized)

Poor Forced to pay bribe to get kids into school

  • Even India’s poorest are being forced to pay bribes to ensure their children go to school.
  • A Transparency International India-CMS survey, That looked at corruption in India’s school education sector, specially focusing on BPL households in rural India, shows shocking conclusions.
  • Around seven lakh BPL households in India paid bride in the last one year to avail services related to school education of their children.
  • The total amount paid as bribe being estimated to be around Rs12 crore another nine lakh BPL households used contacts to get their child admitted or promoted in school.However another five lakh BPL households weren’t that lucky their children couldn’t avail such service because they were either too poor to pay bribe or had absolutely no contact or influence to use as an advantage.


  1. Gowtham said,

    Sad in deed.

  2. bharath said,

    it happens da,no can change its the fate of indians………….

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