Blood Transfusion.

July 16, 2008 at 11:26 am (Uncategorized)

Blood Transfusion gives AIDS to 5 kids.

  • Mitesh is just 12 and he has to undergo at least 20 blood transfusions in a year .He suffers from thalassemia.That is not his only misfortune,he now has AIDS.
  • His HIV positive status is linked to his ‘life-saving’ blood transfusions.Mitesh is not the only one, at least five cases of thalassemia and AIDS amongst children have been detected in Ahmedabad alone of them one has died.
  • Mitech was just was six months old when doctors told his father that he suffered from thalassemia. His father runs a small hosiery unit. Mitech is his only son and thenews came as abolt from the blue.The father started a long gruelling fight to save his son.
  • Since thalassemia has no cure, blood transfusion is the only solution.Every 24 days he has to be given fresh blood. when he was four year old the doctor the second bad news-Mitech is now HIV positive. Mitech now has two sets of medicines.
  • Mitech is good in academics. But ,the moment his HIV positive status was known, his teacher ashed him to leave the class. The teacher said that his presence would drive away students.Mitech does not know what thalassmia or HIV is, But he is quite hurt and bewildered that his teacher refuses to teach him.

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